SK X-FRAME™ Ratcheting Wrench

SK X-FRAME™ Ratcheting Wrench

SK Professional Tools Wins PTEN Innovation Award for SK X-FRAME™ Ratcheting Wrench

"We are honored that PTEN recognizes the pioneering technology that is the SK X-FRAME™ ratcheting wrench," said Joe Saganowich, Vice President and General Manager for SK Professional Tools. "We listened to professional mechanics and reinvented the ratcheting mechanism itself to allow them to complete their jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible."

Every year, PTEN requests tool and equipment manufacturers to submit their latest and cutting-edge products for their Innovation Awards. The awards recognize those outstanding companies whose products respond to the automotive repair industry's market challenges with creativity and forward-thinking design.

From a panel of judges consisting of technicians and shop owners, the PTEN Innovation Awards evaluate a product based on its ability to make vehicle diagnosis and repair easier and more efficient, resulting in shops to be more productive.

SK Professional Tools is proud to manufacture the lowest Arc Swing the industry has ever seen with the SK X-FRAME™ ratcheting wrench. Available in a full range of sizes, the ratcheting mechanism’s 72 teeth and six dual-opposing pawls enable the user to turn nuts in 1.7 degrees (with the ¾-inch SK X-FRAME™ model). This increased control allows auto techs to work in tighter spaces. 

For more information on the Innovation Awards and this year's winners, check out the August 2015 issue of Professional Tool & Equipment News.

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